Staff Development Opportunities at Flinders University

There are many opportunities for the development of staff at Flinders. Opportunities exist in the development of staff in teaching, research, using technology, workplace learning. Specialised opportunities exist for new staff and sessional staff.

These opportunities are provided in a variety ways by a variety of work areas around the university (see below). Opportunities include:

  • Workshops and courses
    Schedule of available courses and programs are available through the course calendar.
    A PDF document on how to use the system is available.

  • Customised courses
    Customised courses for specific groups are available through most individual work areas (see below).

  • One on one consultations
    Most work areas will provide one on one consultations. See the individual work area websites (see below) for more information and who to contact.

  • Projects within Faculties
    See work area websites (below) for more information.

  • Access to resources
    See work area websites (below) for more information.

  • Schemes which can be used to help fund attendance at courses or programs outside the University
    For more information about schemes which may be available to you, see the Professional Development Unit website.

The following central work areas play a significant role in providing staff development opportunities around the University. Visit their websites for more information about the opportunities they provide.