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Maternity Leavers Forum

Course description

These forums, held twice a year, aim to support pregnant, potentially pregnant or breastfeeding staff through listening to them, through providing information and through increasing awareness in the University community of the legislation, policies and resources available to these women.

This particular forum, as well as addressing all the usual questions around support available for women who are pregnant, on maternity leave or parents returning from leave, will aim to bring out specific questions in relation to the restructure processes taking place e.g.

- how will women on Maternity Leave be affected by the restructure/disestablished positions etc?

- staff have the right to request, but if they are granted say part-time work, are they then committed to remain part-time?

- could a Mat Leaver's (possibly perceived) likelihood of seeking part-time work impact on the job/s they are offered?

If you are a supervisor:

One of the ways Flinders can better support pregnant and breastfeeding staff is by supporting their supervisors - information will be available on how you can be better supported to assist your pregnant and breastfeeding staff.

If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, returned from maternity leave or breastfeeding:

These forums are an opportunity to find out about policies and available support, as well as to provide feedback to the Equal Opportunity Unit of any difficulties you might have come across.

Forums are also relevant for those interested in issues impacting on pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Everyone is welcome to attend these forums - male and female.

Type of course



Lisa O'Neill
People and Culture

Who should attend

Staff with an interest in issues impacting on pregnant or breastfeeding employees.

What you will learn

Resources that support pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Policies and legislation around pregnancy, potential pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Hints and strategies for managing pregnancy and breastfeeding at work.