Educational ICTs
This website explores the use of Flexible Education at Flinders and offers a variety of resources for staff members who wish to investigate issues relating to flexible education.

After hours FLO Support Trial* for teaching staff

On a trial basis, eLearning support is now available outside of normal office hours. This service is aimed at supporting staff when they choose to work or when they need to respond to student questions. Times (26 Aug until 22 Nov) - 6pm – 10pm Monday to Thursday - 8am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday How to use the service Call 8201 2600 – a staff member will answer or you may need leave a message with your phone number and we will call back within 30 mins. (If you are a student – support is available from the FLO Student Help Desk.) What service is available FLO support staff will able to answer questions on FLO and electronic marking. The designated support staff member should be able to assist most immediate support questions but will not be able to reset or answer FAN/password questions or fix home internet access. For electronic marking, we strongly recommend you have tried your preferred marking method during normal office and support hours. After-hours advice will be more generic than your local eLearning support team can provide. * We are running this trial to assess the need for an after-hours support service. There is no guarantee that after-hours support will be available following the conclusion of the trial.