Information for New Staff at Flinders
This website can assist you to become familiar with a great deal of information very quickly, by providing links to relevant information.

Information for Supervisors of New Staff Members
This site is a resource for supervisors of staff members new to Flinders. Its purpose is to assist supervisors to ensure that new staff become familiar with a great deal of information very quickly, by providing links to relevant information.

Mandatory Induction Programs for Academic Staff

Mandatory Courses for Professional Staff

How to enrol in Staff Development Courses and Workshops

Orientation for New Staff: Welcome from the Vice-Chancellor

Friday 15 August 2014, 12:00pm - 1:30pm. 

An opportunity for the Vice-Chancellor to welcome new staff and discuss current issues at Flinders. Includes lunch. To register click here.

PDU Newsletter

The Professional Development Unit Winter 2014 Newsletter is now available on our website, featuring courses for Professional Staff over the coming months.

New Staff

Induction & Orientation Workshops

The following workshops are aimed at making new staff members' transition to Flinders as easy as possible and to provide them with information in a timely and accessible form. New staff should attend these workshops during their first three months. Other staff members are welcome to attend any of these workshops. The workshop, Equal Opportunity and Occupational Health and Safety are mandatory for new staff members. These workshops are held every month in order to ensure that all staff members can access them.

Induction Information Session

This is a workshop for new staff covering their employment conditions. Topics include:

  • pay
  • leave and leave loading /absences
  • hours of duty and flexible working hours
  • Academic Staff Performance Review and Development 
  • Academic Staff Workload Equalisation Scheme
  • General Staff Performance Review and Development 
  • Flinders University Enterprise Certified Agreement
  • Policy and Procedures Manual
  • probation

Participants: New staff who need an introduction to administration procedures.
Presenters: HR Client Services staff
Time: 1 hour session
Date: Held every two weeks by HR Client Services who will contact new staff about the dates of these sessions.
If you have not been contacted yet, please phone HR Client Services on ext 13875

Orientation Sessions