Mandatory Induction Programs for Academic Staff

Support for Sessional Staff

Flinders Foundations of University Teaching (FFOUT)
FFOUT is a structured comprehensive professional development program for all new academics. The Program endeavors to promote an interactive learning environment with an array of collaborative learning projects, workshops and reflective writing processes that are aimed to provide meaningful, experiential learning opportunities; on-going support as well as to develop productive networks within the University. The Program is open to all academic staff members who wish to develop their teaching skills and it provides the basis for admission to the Graduate Certificate in Education (Higher Education). All new academics, that is, appointed as continuing or convertible positions (Level A – E) are required to undertake and complete the Program. Academic staff members appointed to fixed-term positions for a period in excess of 12 months are also expected to participate in FFOUT.

Academic Internship for Doctoral Students Program
The aim of this program is to promote and raise the awareness of the importance of teaching and learning in higher education by developing the teaching skills of a select cohort of PhD students. The program is designed to support the pursuit of a career in academia and it aids the development of the skills required for the participants to become successful academics in both teaching and research.

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