The contact details below are for staff only.

Students, please contact Flinders Connect:

  • Online via Ask Flinders
  • Phone: +61 1300 354 633
  • Face-to-face in the Hub on Level 0 of the Central Library, Bedford Park campus

Director, Student Administration Services

Annika Danielsson

Associate Director, Service Delivery and Innovation

Mark Drechsler (College SAS operations, service delivery and innovation, Flinders Connect)

Associate Director, Service Operations and Design

Satya Webster (University-wide SAS operations, service frameworks, systems and processes, quality assurance, policy and service standards)


College based Student Administration Services (SAS) teams

The College SAS teams provide integrated, local support services for student, teaching and learning activities and are the closest point of contact for the College. Led by a College SAS Team Leader, the teams consist of a number of support roles providing services in an area of expertise across the student administration lifecycle (Coordinators, Enrolment & Student Progress, Enrolment and Course Advisors, Student Progress and Assessment Advisors, Education Resources Coordinators, Education Resources Officers and SAS Assistants).

Business, Government and Law

Team Leader: Julie Strunk

Ph: +61 (08) 8201 3300

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Education, Psychology and Social Work

Team Leader: Tracey Quiqley

Ph: +61 (08) 8201 7800

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Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Team Leader: Nicole Sferruzzi

Ph: +61 (08) 8201 7900

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Medicine and Public Health

Team Leader: Jeremy Chance

Ph: +61 (08) 7221 8200

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Nursing and Health Sciences

Team Leader: Melanie Pearson

Ph: +61 (08) 8201 7500

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Science and Engineering

Team Leader: Jacqui Troath

Ph: +61 (08) 8201 7700

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University-wide SAS operations

A number of teams and functions in the university wide SAS area work closely with College SAS teams to complement the local delivery of services, including Flinders Connect.   

Flinders Connect

Flinders Connect provide front-line (online, phone and face-to-face) enquiry services to students.

Manager, Flinders Connect: Sam Hammer

Ph: (+61) 1300 354 633

Enrolment Services

Enrolment Services provide a range of support services associated with the enrolment of students, student progress/At Risk activities, and the administration of student records.

Associate Director, Service Operations and Design: Satya Webster

Ph: (+61 8) 8201 5655

Examination Services

Examination Services organises University examinations events as well as deferred/supplementary examinations and other assessment and student progress related activities.

Operations Lead, Student Progress and Assessment: Tori Brown

Ph: (+61 8) 8201 5544

Graduation Services

Graduation Services is responsible for the University's graduation ceremonies and related student achievement and success activities. The main ceremonies are held on campus in April for students who completed their studies in Semester 2 of the previous year or earlier. Ceremonies are also held in September and December.

Operations Lead, Achievement and Graduations: Kirsten Diercks

Ph: (+61 8) 8201 5544

Student Finance Services

Student Finance Services is responsible for the university administration of student fees, various Commonwealth and foreign government loan schemes, sponsorship contracts and fee payment plans for students.

Manager, Student Finance and Scholarships: Gordon Petrie

Operations Lead, Student Finance Services: Yolande Jones

Ph: (+61 8) 8201 5511

Scholarship Services

Scholarship Services provides support for end-to-end services related to undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships as well as Higher Degree Research scholarships.

Manager, Student Finance and Scholarships: Gordon Petrie

Operations Lead, Scholarship Services: Tracey Kohl

Ph: (+61 8) 8201 5511

Student Policy and Integrity Services

Student Policy and Integrity Services is responsible for the development, implementation and administration of student-related policies and procedures. Support services include providing advice on student policy, academic integrity, the management of the University’s appeals and complaints processes, and student conduct matters.

Senior Student Policy and Integrity Advisor: Robert Houghton

Ph: (+61 8) 8201 28744

Resources Scheduling Services

Resources Scheduling Services is responsible for the production and administration of the University’s timetable, as well as the management and oversight of class registration and casual academic teaching administration across Colleges.

Manager, Resources Scheduling Services: Cheryl Edwards

Operations Lead, Resource Scheduling Services: Tracy Nicholls

Ph: (08) (+61 8) 7221 8330 / 8331 / 8332 / 8296
Email: / (for non-teaching bookings)