The Education Pathways Team, established in 2010, has been collaborating with educational communities in South Australia’s metropolitan, rural and regional areas supporting individuals from low SES and/or other disadvantaged backgrounds. Our joint focus has been on raising students’ aspirations and participation in higher education. Our ongoing achievements include the facilitation and monitoring of transformative student mentoring and other partnerships with education providers and community organisations. The EPT is funded through the Australian Government’s Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP).

The Education Pathways Team provide many programs including:

Inspire Mentoring

Inspire, which is celebrating 10 Years of successful achievement, is a nationally recognised peer mentoring program, where Flinders students mentor young people in schools or community based education programs.

The program is specifically designed for young people and children who are disinclined or at risk of disengaging from their education.

Inspire can be delivered both face-to-face and via the e-mentoring platform, created in partnership with DECD. The new e-mentoring platform has enabled the Inspire program to reach regional and rural areas of South Australia.

River Journey

The River Journey program is developed in conjunction with partnership schools and involves the delivery of an interactive presentation series. The program is designed to help students reflect on their futures, consider key decisions, if they choose to do so, gain entry into university. It is a three-part series delivered in the transitional years of 6/7, 8, and 9/10.

Encounter (Year 6/7) introduces the metaphor of a river as a life journey. A Project Officer will share their educational and career journey and open a dialogue about various pathways and options in higher education. This sessions aims to trigger students' interest in higher education and possible opportunities.

Navigator (Year 8) is based on overcoming barriers and focusing on opportunities. Real-life challenges are discussed in terms of overcoming barriers to pursue one's interests and strengths. The sessions aims to encourage students to generate or sustain motivation towards their educational and/or employment goal.

Investigator (Year 9/10)  is focused on careers and courses. We look as skill-based development, its purpose, and how it can be attained. Employability and career options are also discussed. This session aims to expose students to new, or unknown, options for their future, and foster their interest.

The River Journey is delivered over three separate sessions in order to support students over their schooling years. Each presentation requires a minimum of 50 minutes but may be extended to 2 hours, depending on the needs of the school. The program can be delivered to up to 40 students at a time or to multiple classes during school hours. Following the River Journey, students are invited to come on a Campus Visit at Flinders.

Campus visits

Experience Flinders' campus and life as a university student with a Campus Visit. Throughout the day, you will participate in a variety of interactive workshops and lectures, facilitated by academic staff and current university students. With Faculty support, the Education Pathways Team will tailor Campus Visits to maximise the interest and relevance for our visitors. We aim to provide an experience that is memorable and informative. We also intend to demystify university in terms of capability, affordability, and accessibility of university attendance. To view all the activities we can offer, please contact


Flinders University offers uniTEST to Year 12 students wishing to enhance their opportunity to attend university.  Whilst sitting uniTEST will not guarantee a place at university, good results will be taken into consideration and used in conjunction with the ATAR.

Please note that students cannot be disadvantaged by sitting uniTEST as results will not be considered if they have a negative impact on the ATAR.

Parents and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers are powerful influencers, when students consider Career and Education choices. In the changing world of employment, these choices can sometimes be confusing.

The information provided is aimed at developing your understanding of the expectations of current employers and educators, allowing you to provide support for your student at this important time in their career journey.

Career Development

We understand that education and career pathways are not always obvious. Through individual and personal learning plan support, our Career Development Consultant, with the use of Course Navigator , is able to assist students in this decision making process.