The Centre for University Teaching (CUT) is managed by Professor Heather Smigiel who reports to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Andrew Parkin in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Flinders University.


The Centre for University Teaching has as its key mandate, "the enhancement of University teaching". Through the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and in partnership with faculties, the Centre contributes to the implementation of strategic organisational change and the development of  learning and teaching in the University. The Centre provides workshops and courses for staff; instigates and manages University-wide projects to address new strategic directions and provides input into teaching related policies and guidelines.

The Centre for University Teaching promotes and supports "quality teaching" at Flinders University.  Quality teaching is intended to:

  • be learner focused;
  • engage students in the development of their understanding;
  • reflect the teaching context as well as the diverse needs of learners;
  • be informed by research-derived knowledge of the subject being taught and the teaching methodology being employed;
  • be regularly evaluated in terms of both content and delivery, leading to reflection and redevelopment;
  • be planned, drawing on informed judgment derived from the teacher's knowledge and experience; and
  • be designed to produce graduates with a sound comprehension of the curriculum and who have acquired the relevant Flinders Graduate Qualities.

The Centre develops a range of generic resources, web-based information and self-directed learning packages for staff; works with Faculties and Schools to address specific concerns, and establishes special interest groups and forums for sharing expertise and fostering collaboration across the University.
The Centre promotes the Scholarship of Teaching incorporating pedagogical research and publication, internal and external teaching awards and grants for innovation or research into aspects of teaching.
The Centre provides leadership and support for a wide range of programs including induction and orientation to teaching, formal qualifications and certifications in teaching, leadership in learning and teaching and research higher degree supervisor training.

Director: Prof Heather Smigiel