At Flinders University, we foster excellence, innovation and flexibility in education to enrich the diversity of student learning environments and enhance effective, engaged learning by our students.

The values underpinning education at Flinders include:

  • Student-centred
  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Innovation
  • Excellence.

Our values and our strategic priorities encourage excellence and innovation through enhancing educational opportunities, expecting and valuing quality in teaching, expanding opportunities for internationalisation and being committed to our people.

We will:

  • Deliver a richly interactive and personalised approach to learning with a paramount focus on student success.
  • Be an international leader in educational innovation, advanced learning technologies and learning analytics.
  • Develop enterprising graduates equipped with the skills required for success in the knowledge economy.

These pages explore how we nurture, award and acknowledge excellence and innovation as well as articulating the University’s learning and teaching context and outlining student responsibilities in learning.