The Flinders College of Distinguished Educators celebrates and endorses outstanding nationally-recognised achievement in teaching and learning at the university level by formalising a network of educational leaders and providing a framework of peer support for potential applicants for OLT Citations, Awards and Grants.


2014 Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) Fellowships

Having the hard conversations: Strengthening pedagogical effectiveness by working with student and institutional resistance to Indigenous health curriculum. Developing tailored study plans for the new higher education environment

Prof Dennis McDermott

Prof Joe Shapter

2014 Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) Innovation and Development Grant

Developing a national interdisciplinary educational framework for professionals working with children in the early years

Dr Julian Grant Dr Keith Miller Dr Yvonne Parry    


Reshaping curricula: integrating culturally diverse/mental health online content to prepare work ready health professionals

Prof Eimear Muir-Cochrane Ms Patricia Barkway Assoc Prof Wendy Edmondson Assoc Prof Daryle Rigney Mrs Debra O'Kane Assoc Prof David Gillham