The University's Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants are an institution-wide internal funding scheme designed to support projects which show innovation in any aspect of teaching, learning and/or assessment.

Innovation may take the form of the development, adaptation or application of a new or different approach, practice or procedure which is designed to produce improvements in teaching quality, effectiveness and efficiency and learning outcomes for students. 

The project may be specific to a topic or topics, the whole or a part of a course, and/or any other teaching and learning activity.

From 2011 two specific Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants will be available for submissions that show innovation in the area of internationalisation of the curriculum. Internationalisation of the Curriculum is defined by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as:
A curriculum with an international orientation in content and/or form, aimed at preparing students for performing (professionally and socially) in an international and multicultural context and designed for domestic and international students.

Key points

  • The scheme may award up to nine grants per annum (including two focused on Internationalisation of the Curriculum).  The grants will be in the range of $6000 to $12000 each.
  • There will normally be provision in each round for at least 1 grant per faculty.
  • At least one of the grants will also normally be made to applicants from Yunggorendi, the Student Learning Centre and other areas/units of the University not associated with a faculty.

Which projects are excluded from the scheme?

Projects where the primary objective is to develop topics for flexible delivery in electronic modes are excluded from this scheme.

However, projects with other objectives, but where some utilisation is made of new technologies, are eligible for funding.


Applications can be made by members of academic staff, professional staff or staff members with academic status who have:

  • an appointment of 0.4 or more, and
  • a contract for at least 2 years following the year in which the application is made; and
  • a substantial engagement with learning and teaching at Flinders University.

Applications may be made individually or collaboratively with others.  Applicants are only permitted to submit one application in any one year, either as an individual or as a member of a team.

Grant recipients will not be eligible for re-nomination within the same category for five years.

Interpretation of Category

  • a 'category' is either a team or an individual;
  • successful team leaders or individuals (because they are the grant recipients) are not permitted to re-nominate within the same category within five years;
  • team members who are not team leaders are not restricted, because they are not the grant recipient;
  • a team member may not be in more than one Stage 2 application in any single year.


The following budget items may be funded through this scheme:

  • teaching relief for applicant(s);
  • technical or clerical assistance;
  • materials (but not equipment);
  • travel (where essential to the work of the project).

Teaching relief

Teaching relief may be requested for up to 0.5 of a teaching load per person.  The cost of teaching relief is usually assessed at casual hourly rates, but where this can be justified, the replacement teaching may be provided on a fractional basis at up to base grade Level B Lecturer rates.

Selection process

Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants are conducted in a two stage process. The first stage, closing on September 30th is assessed by the lead applicant's faculty. Applications considered by the applicant's faculty to best meet the Stage One criteria will be invited, by the Chair of relevant faculty-established committee to proceed to Stage Two.

Stage Two submissions are assessed by a centrally convened selection panel, consisting of:

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic);
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International) or nominee;
  • Director: Centre for University Teaching or nominee;
  • the four Executive Deans or nominee; and
  • a student representative nominated by Flinders Campus and Community Services.

Recipients of Flinders University's Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants are announced towards the end of the academic year. Grant funding is available for expenditure during the following calendar year.


Leaders of funded Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants are required to provide an interim report by the end of June in the year in which the project is undertaken. A final report, typically by way of a poster presentation at the Flinders Celebration of Teaching Excellence, must be made at the end of the project, usually in November or December of the year in which the project is commenced.

Application requirements

Application requirements and online submission of Stage One and Stage Two proposals is available through the Grants Online Portal.