Flinders University congratulates the following people who were awarded a prestigious OLT Fellowship in 2014 :

Professor Dennis McDermott (Poche Chair) was awarded an OLT Senior Teaching Fellowship for his proposal entitled ‘Having the hard conversations: Strengthening pedagogical effectiveness by working with student and institutional resistance to Indigenous health curriculum’

Professor Joe Shapter (School of Chemical and Physical Sciences) on being awarded an OLT Teaching Fellowship for his proposeal titled ‘Developing tailored study plans for the new higher education environment’


The aim of the Fellowship Scheme is to advance learning and teaching in higher education by supporting leading educators to undertake strategic, high profile fellowship activities in areas of importance to the sector. Through their fellowship activities, Fellows have a positive and lasting influence and impact on higher education practice in Australia.


2014 Fellowships Program Information and Nomination Instructions (PDF 324KB)

National Senior Teaching Fellows

Senior Fellows are outstanding scholars in their fields, recognised by their home institutions for their existing and continuing leadership roles in university learning and teaching. They are usually senior academics or senior people with expertise in higher education practice and scholarship, and a record of institutional or disciplinary leadership.

Up to four National Senior Teaching Fellowships were available in 2013, with a maximum value of $250,000 each.

National Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows are prominent scholars in their disciplinary fields, recognised by their home institutions for their capacity to make significant contributions to educational leadership into the future. They are normally early or mid-career academics engaged in the scholarly practice of learning and teaching in higher education. National Teaching Fellows undertake a short program of activities over the course of three to six months, addressing an identified learning and teaching issue within their institution or discipline, with the goal of enhancing disciplinary or inter-disciplinary teaching and learning within their institution, and beyond.

Up to six Mid-Career fellowships were available in 2013, with a maximum value of $90,000 each.

Institutional Nomination and Selection Process

CUT oversees and supports the drafting and the submission of OLT Fellowship applications. If you are intending to submit an application, then you must contact the Project Officer: Teaching and Learning on 08 8201 5552. All applicants undergo an internal review process of peer review and support, in which a panel of staff drawn from the College of Distinguished Educators and/or senior staff involved in teaching and learning activities review drafts and provide feedback in meetings organised by CUT.

Key dates

Monday 3rd February was the OLT deadline date in 2014.  The OLT will release dates for the 2015 round of Fellowships later this year.