Congratulations to Dr Julian Grant, School of Nursing, recipient of a 2014 Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) Innovation and Development Grant. The project entitled ‘Developing a national interdisciplinary educational framework for professionals working with children in the early years’ includes Flinders University colleagues Yvonne Haby (School of Nursing), Dr Keith Miller (School of Social and Policy Studies) and Dr Jessie Jovanovich (School of Education). This grant continues the University’s recent success in OLT Grants. In 2013 Flinders University received two Grants – ‘Reshaping curricula: integrating culturally diverse/mental health online content to prepare work ready health professionals’ led by Professor Eimear Muir-Cochrane (School of Nursing) and ‘Better Judgement 2: Improving assessment by training assessors in the knowledge, recognition and counteraction of judgement biases in oral and practice-based assessment’ jointly led by Professor Lambert Schuwirth (School of Medicine) and Dr Lisa Schmidt (Centre for University Teaching). Further details are available here.


The Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) administers nationally competitive grants designed to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in higher education, to facilitate innovation and collaboration, and to disseminate best practice.  The Centre for University Teaching (CUT) provides application support for OLT grants i.e. compliance review, application drafting advice and support, co-investment letters, submission of applications, interim reports and final reports.

Please note you must complete a Certification Form - FUSA - Certform - Smartform (PDF 580KB) - identifying the research component* of the project and signed by all required signatories. The completed and signed Certification Form is submitted with your final proposal to the CUT, Project Officer: Teaching Awards and Grants.

*For a definition of research, please read the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (PDF 53KB) .

The Project Officer: Teaching Awards and Grants is responsible for the submission of all Flinders University led OLT grant proposals. OLT grants, with the exception of Extension Grants, are considered Category 1 research income. The CUT and the Research Services Office (RSO) ensure that all submitted OLT grant proposals with a research component are recorded by the RSO for reporting purposes. Successful OLT Grant proposals are forwarded by the CUT to the RSO for contract services however the CUT will liaise with the grant recipients regarding OLT reporting requirements.


2014 OLT Grants

The OLT has released dates for its 2014 Grants program

Schedule & Proposal Forms
Round 1 Up to $30,000 Monday
24 March
4 April
Institutional Schedule 
Round 2 Up to $30,000  Monday
25 August
5 September
Round 2 $50,000 - $220,000 and above Monday
2 June
16 June
  $50,000 maximum Monday
2 June
16 June
Institutional Schedule
Draft Proposal

                  $1,500,000 (indicative)

Further application details concerning this program will be released in early 2014.


Internal Support Process

CUT oversees and supports the drafting and the submission of all OLT Grant applications and if you are intending to submit an application, then you must contact Peter Moss who as the Institutional contact Officer (ICO) must submit to the OLT a list of University-supported applications approximately one week before the OLT submission deadline. If the OLT has not been advised by the ICO to expect a particular application, that application will not be receipted by the OLT.

Notifying CUT of your intention also initiates the internal application process, in which CUT will facilitate meetings to discuss the application and organise a schedule for drafting and review with the applicant(s).  

Grant Review Procedure (PDF 169KB)

All applicants will then have available to them a new internal review process of peer review and support, in which a panel of staff  drawn from the College of Distinguished Educators and/or senior staff involved in teaching and learning activities will review first drafts and provide feedback in meetings organised by CUT. This feedback will assist applicants to develop a second draft for a final review meeting, ensuring that the nomination is ready for submission. Please note that the review process will also lead to a recommendation to the applicant and the DVC(A) on the proposal and its fitness to continue.  Final drafts applications must be submitted for internal review no later than the institutional deadlines stipulated above.  Extensions are not permissible.  

Templates for Letters of Support

All OLT grant applications either led or partnered by Flinders staff require a signed Letter of Support from the DVC(A). 

1.   Letter of Support - Lead (DOCX 203KB) for when Flinders is the lead institution. 

2.   Letter of Support - Partner (DOCX 200KB) for when Flinders has been invited to be a partner in a project led by another institution. 

Applicants are responsible for completing and signing the respective templates before submitting them.  All submitted applications must include a letter of support or they will not be considered. 

Flinders as a partner institution

The internal deadline for requests for Letters of Support for applications where Flinders has been invited to be a partner in a project led by another institution is one calendar week before the relevant OLT deadline.  Flinders staff must submit a completed and signed Letter of Support template and the completed (not draft) application from the lead institution.  The ICO will handle the signing of the letter by the DVC(A) and return the letter to relevant staff before the OLT deadline.

Administration Levy

All Flinders staff, including staff members partnering on any full proposals for Innovation and Development Grant applications with another institution, are advised that an Administration Levy of 10% to any Flinders component of funding is to be included in the grant budget.

Details of your intention to apply and proposal will be forwarded to your Faculty's Research Office for information.