The range of information and communication technologies used within education, are often referred to as 'EdICTs' - educational information and communication technologies.

Why should EdICTs be used?

Effective use of educational technologies promotes:

  • efficiency
  • quality
  • flexibility (including accessibility)
  • preparation for work in the professions and community
  • innovation and sustainability 

How do we use EdICTs at Flinders? 

Flinders Learning Online (FLO) is the core educational technology at Flinders.  FLO is a collection of software, which is supported by the University for use in teaching and learning. There are University guidelines that explain how these technologies are used at Flinders. Many of the tools in FLO can enhance learning experiences in the ways listed above.

In addition to educational technologies available at Flinders, the University also supports and encourages the innovative use of emerging technologies.

How does the use of technology support teaching and learning at Flinders?

The use of technology at Flinders is underpinned by the Flinders Acceptable Use of ICT Policy. The effective use of EdICT's in education can also support the Principles of Good Practice in teaching quality that Flinders upholds in its teaching practices.

There is a three-tiered view of technology-supported learning at Flinders:


Teaching and Learning Educational use of ICT's

  • Type 3: Fully online
    Educational technologies can be used to deliver fully-online courses (requiring no classroom attendance from students) 

  • Type 2: Complemented 
    Educational technologies can be used to deliver online learning that complements existing traditional classroom-based courses and topics


  • Type 1: WebPET
    All topics must have a minimum web-presence in FLO.

The effectiveness of each type of delivery is highly dependent on a range of factors including the specific subject domain, intended pedagogy and learner characteristics.  

Where can I get support?

Support for using educational ICTs is available at Flinders, including training, tutorials and people who can help in the overall educational design of technology-based learning/topics/courses, as well as more specific support in using educational technologies in the classroom and online.