What is Flinders Learning Online (FLO)?

FLO is a web-based system that facilitates the creation of online educational environments by non-technical users. FLO can be used to create entire on-line topics and courses, or to provide interactive tools that supplement or complement existing topics and courses. All topics at Flinders have a FLO site (part of the WebPET - Web Presence in Every Topic initiative). 

At the core of FLO is a learning management system (currently Moodle) but other software and tools are integrated into the FLO environment to meet the specific teaching and learning requirements of the University. FLO can really been seen as a web-based 'suite' of technologies.

Where is FLO?

The Flinders Learning Online (FLO) website can be found at: http://flo.flinders.edu.au/

What is FLO used for?

The main parts of FLO are as follows:

FLO Home page ("My Home")

This is a list of all topics that the user personally has access to. For academic staff, these are topics you may be Coordinating or teaching within, for general staff, these may be topics that you are supporting. This page can be customised and contains notifications from within your topics.

Topic Pages

FLO topics cosist of the following:

  • Resources
    FLO can be used to build and display topic content such as lecture notes, tutorial activities, and video files.
  • Activities
    FLO provides a range of online activities that can support learning & teaching, such as assignment dropboxes, quizzes, surveys and discussion boards.
    Tools for managing learning
    Tools such as the gradebook, can be used to record & monitor student progress.

How do I get access to FLO?

FLO access for staff and students is managed through the Student Information System (Student Two) based on enrolments (students) and teaching team (staff) information.  FLO is accessed by logging in with your Flinders Authentication Name (FAN).  For more information about access to FLO topics, see the 'Staff help' and 'Student help' information on the Flinders Learning Online (FLO) website at: http://flo.flinders.edu.au

How do I find out the technical requirements of FLO?

The library has a FLO FAQ with all the details about what you need on your computer to use FLO.

How do I get help with FLO?

Staff: See the support materials for staff or contact your local Faculty support teams and central flo.help@flinders.edu.au

Students: See the support materials for students or contact the Student FLO Helpdesk based in the Library