At Flinders University technology is used to enhance teaching and learning, and to support the business of the University as an educational provider. Technologies should be reliable, safe to use, accessible and user-friendly. Communications technologies, learning platform technologies and applications for interactivity and content management combine to provide a learning and teaching environment that is up to date, and always reaching forward with innovations and fresh thinking. Technology use is supported at Flinders through staff and student services that include orientation, training, and just-in-time support.

Technology in all Flinders topics

Every topic at Flinders University has a technological component, hosted on Flinders learning platform FLO, and supported by our WebPET policy. Even entirely face-to-face, on-campus topics have an online space for student discussions, submitting assignments, accessing the readings, and checking grades. Topics that combine face-to-face and online activities are called ‘blended’ topics. Students enrolled in blended topics will attend campus as well as participate in online activities, perhaps taking a quiz, voting on a preference, collaborating with others in a wiki, sharing hyperlinks to found resources, or showcasing a presentation.

Other topics are fully online. These topics have all activities, resources and supports accessible through FLO and are active, social learning environments. Enrolment in a fully online topic means that it is possible to complete all the coursework without ever attending a physical location, although some topics may require an intensive seminar or some fieldwork. Other topics are offered in ‘distance’ mode. These topics are online versions of face-to-face topics and might have online and on-campus students interacting in the topic environment.

Every topic at Flinders will have a unique mix of technologies and learning strategies to support teaching and learning.