Effective use of ICT in teaching and learning can take place at any stage of teaching and learning. This could be within:

  • the educational design stage of a topic/course (e.g online group assignments) 
  • a special project/research to address a specific teaching need with technology 
  • one-off delivery in a lecture or tutorial (e.g. a lecture using multimedia)
  • post-delivery - evaluating the use of technology, or using ICT-based evaluation tools

There are a range of local teams at Flinders that provide support across the spectrum of educational ICT use, each in different ways, including:

Locally, by Faculty/School:

  • Local Faculty Support teams (support Faculty staff in use of FLO, elearning, computer-based learning, web development, flexible education) 


Your best first contact for educational ICT support is your local faculty support teams.  These teams support FLO and other educational technologies within each Faculty. They also contribute to many University ICT groups and committees and teaching and learning committees.

The table below can also help you identify where to get support.

Educational design

Support available

Integrating technology into courses/topics

Local faculty support team

Centre for Educational ICT

Finding existing/reusable online resources

Liaison librarian

Local Faculty Flexible Education team

Developing fully online courses

Technology for teaching admin (eg spreadsheets, databases, email)

Tip sheets

Computer skills courses

One-on-one sessions

Computer hardware/software support

Special projects / research

Support available

Grants for ICT and educationCentre for Educational ICT
Current research in educational technology  
Emerging technologies

ETUG (Emerging Technology Users Group)

Teaching online

Support available

Using existing ICT tools available at Flinders

Educational ICT courses

Local Faculty support team

Online teaching methods


Centre for Educational ICT

Flinders Learning Online (FLO)


Online tutorials

Faculty support teams

Centre for Educational ICT


Support available

Lecture recording Audio Visual Services
Multimedia presentation technology (data projectors, DVDs, document presenters, microphones)

Orientation sessions

Technical help

Videoconferencing Audio Visual Services


Support available

FLO tracking and reports

Local Faculty support team

Centre for Educational ICT