Flinders University has adopted the following position on the electronic submission of student assignments: with effect from First Semester 2014, all student assignments generated in electronic form should be submitted by the student and returned to the student electronically.

In essence this means the end of the hardcopy submission and return of standard student essays, reports and other like assignments. While assignments not prepared by students in electronic format are outside the scope of this statement, topic coordinators are encouraged to consider conversion to electronic format where feasible.

The University's position is specifically directed at the submission and return of assignments. It does not at this stage mandate the electronic marking of assignments. However there is an inexorable logic to the parallel utilisation of electronic marking ("e-marking"). This is not simply because of its obvious technical and logistical fit with electronic submission and return. It is also because the increasing availability, flexibility and sophistication of e-marking software offers substantial pedagogical and time advantages likely to benefit the academic staff undertaking the marking. At this stage, e-marking is strongly encouraged rather than mandated, and will be supported by the provision of appropriate software tools and training. Pending any University-wide decision on whether to move to a mandated system, individual School and/or Faculties can formulate local positions on e-marking.

Electronic submission and return should normally be effected via the topic's Flinders Learning Online (FLO) site. FLO has a specific capability for enabling and monitoring this process and this also ensures a consistency of approach from a student perspective. However, there may be some instances where, for good technical and/or pedagogical reasons, other mechanisms are more sensible (e.g. where a separate e-portfolio is being assembled).

The submission of Research Higher Degree theses is separately governed by clause 19 and Appendix E of the Research Higher Degrees policy and is not included within the scope of this statement. Neither is the submission of Honours theses and the research components of postgraduate coursework awards.


Online support information including video tutorials is provided via the staff FLO support site (eLearning Gateway), including support material on eMarking.

Hands-on workshops are also available for staff:

Setting up assignments

eMarking options

If you have specific questions or are unable to attend the scheduled training sessions: