Intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) law can apply in circumstances where educational technology is used to deliver teaching and learning materials.

If you use FLO or other online technologies to deliver your teaching materials, or are involved in research in the use of educational technologies for teaching and learning, make sure you read and understand the University's Intellectual Property and Commercialisation Guidelines and Intellectual Property Policy.


Copyright laws apply to teaching and learning materials that are published on the web (including FLO and other educational technologies). To ensure that you understand the implications of copyright and the use of digital teaching materials, refer to the University's Copyright information for teaching and learning and seek specific advice if necessary.


Access issues are important to consider in any context where technology is used to provide information online. Making content more accessible to some may prevent or impede access to others. Solutions could involve using multiple delivery modes (e.g. provide text transcripts of visual/audio content) or engaging Universal Design (UD) principles (designing for inclusiveness of all users).