WebPET provides an online environment that supports students in their learning by:

  • giving access to a minimum level of information to help them approach learning
  • giving access to tools which allow them to find information and communicate
  • preparing them for a technology and information-rich society
  • providing a base for more innovative use of technology to enhance the quality of their learning. 

This consistent approach provides:

  • minimum expectations of support (ie ‘As a Flinders student I can expect...')
  • efficiency in supporting staff
  • efficiency of data handling (eg elimination of multiple data sources)
  • sustainability
  • ease of student use/familiarity for cross-faculty students. 

All topics at Flinders will have a FLO (Flinders Learning Online) area that contains (as a minimum):

  • topic links (including links to topic information, the Library, grades, help and support, a list of topic participants, and the Student Evaluation of Teaching system)
  • an Announcements tool and corresponding Latest Announcements display
  • a General discussion forum
  • a Calendar
  • link to recordings of lectures that occur in major lecture venues

Teaching staff are required to:

  • make the Statement of Assessment Methods available to students on the FLO topic site
  • make any handouts that are relevant to the entire cohort available on the FLO topic site
  • make use of electronic assignment submission and return