Academic Integrity Management Strategy - AIMS

The aim of the Academic Integrity Management Strategy (AIMS) is to embed a culture of academic integrity into all aspects of Flinders University operations, from learning and teaching through to research and administration. The project will develop and implement a coherent system of education and management of academic integrity and will provide a systematic and consistent strategy for setting and managing the consequences of academic dishonesty.

The project strands are:

The project goals are:

  1. to develop staff and student education programs and resources to inform and improve the culture of academic integrity
  2. to improve the design of assessment to minimise opportunities for academic dishonesty
  3. to select and implement an appropriate and sustainable electronic detection tool
  4. to review and develop policies and procedures related to academic integrity to ensure that there is a consistent, university-wide system for detecting, reporting and recording incidents of plagiarism and other breaches of academic integrity, and for the determination of consequences
  5. to evaluate the effectiveness of any new project-based measures