Evaluating your teaching involves gathering information across a variety of sources and making an assessment about the impact on students' learning and whether your content and processes are achieving their intended purposes.

This Teaching Evaluation Gateway brings together a variety of teaching evaluation tools to provide a framework, for those involved in teaching, to engage more flexibly and reflectively in personal evaluation practices.

The framework below outlines how the Evaluation, Monitoring and Review of Academic Programs and Teaching policy can be used in conjunction with a range of  mandated, Flinders-endorsed and optional evaluation activites to develop a responsive and personalised evaluation of your teaching activities.

Evaluation Policy
Mandatory Teaching Evaluation Activities Endorsed Teaching Evaluation Activities Optional Teaching Evaluation Activities
Personalised Teaching Evaluation


The Teaching Evaluation Framework links you to the University's current suite of mandated and endorsed evaluation tools and as well as other supports. There are also suggestions for a wide range of other optional tools and strategies for evaluating your teaching.