Peer Evaluation of Teaching

The Flinders University Teaching Quality Assurance Policy includes a requirement for teaching staff to undergo regular peer evaluation of their teaching (Section 3.4). The process detail for peer evaluation of teaching can be found in the Teaching Evaluation Procedures (Section 5).

This page contains links to resources for both peer evaluators as well as those whose teaching is being evaluated (on the right-hand side of screen). This includes guides for undertaking peer evaluation for all participants as well as Observation Record forms for undertaking the evaluation activities. Subsequent Web pages contain more general information on peer evaluation.

What is peer evaluation?

Peer evaluation is a process of collegial feedback on quality of teaching. It is a purposeful process of gathering information and evidence about the effectiveness of teaching processes and the educational environment with a view to subjecting it to constructive critical scrutiny. It usually begins with people identifying what areas they would like feedback on, and works best where the process is reciprocal between peers. A key component of peer evaluation is peer review of current practice often based on peer observation of teaching interactions. It should always be viewed as an opportunity not a threat for both parties.

The peer evaluation process is outlined in brief below:

A more comprehensive flowchart of the Peer Evaluation process containing detail in each of the steps can also be accessed:

For further information on the peer evaluation of teaching, you are welcome to contact CILT