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Peer Review of Teaching

  • Teaching Review Guide (PDF 112KB)
    Evaluation of these aspects of teaching requires more than a single visit to a classroom while a colleague teaches. The Teaching Review Guides (TRGs) address each of these aspects separately, although it is recognized that they all part of an interactive process. They are derived from and reflect the values embedded in the Flinders University Education Policy. These guidelines are not intended as a checklist and the process is not obligatory. They offer guidance to the type of criteria that could be negotiated prior to peer review taking place. Peer review should actively engage the person being reviewed and proceed from an initial process of self- evaluation. For these reasons, the Teaching Review Guides frame reflective questions and include both self-evaluation and peer evaluation questions
  • Suggested procedure for conducting a peer review (PDF 49KB)
    The approach to peer review suggested here is based upon the principles of collegiality, openness and negotiation

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