Inspiring Achievement in First Year University Students

 These webpages are designed to support staff who work with students attending university for the first time at a first year level. Some of the material may also be useful for staff working with students who do not fit this explicit category, such as:

• vocational students transferring into upper year level topics
• first year research higher degree students

If you are involved with any of these students and would like some support or are interested in investigating strategies for supporting these groups of students please contact Dr Ann Luzeckyj (Lecturer in Higher Education: First Year Undergraduate Teaching Adviser)

Why is the First Year at University important?


A Lecturer in Higher Education: First Year Undergraduate Teaching Adviser has been appointed in the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching to provide advice and support and resources to all staff including sessional staff and to work with the Directors of First Year Studies. The Lecturer in Higher Education: First Year Undergraduate Teaching Adviser also:
• organises and facilitates two Inspiring Achievement in the First Year Fora each year
• hosts the Inspiring Achievement in the First Year University Students Discussion Blog 

• identifies and disseminates Good Practice in relation to teaching first year students at Flinders University
• identifies strategies to promote good teaching practice in relation to teaching first year students
• explores and reports research and initiatives undertaken at other universities in relation to teaching first year students

Currently at Flinders University, students may access a variety of support services in relation to their transition to university. These include initiatives offered by the:
Transition office;
Student Learning Centre;
and various Faculty-and School based activities and programs (see individual school websites for further information).


Other support and resources available to staff:

Two vodcasts provide ideas on developing a First Year Curriculum and Student-Centred Learning.

A First Year Community of Practice (FYCoP) has been established for staff who work with first year students. Established in 2009, this CoP meets monthly to explore and share ideas about how to support the diverse needs of first year students and develop curriculum that encourages them to succeed. All staff interested in teaching first year students are welcome to attend. For details please contact Sue Pyke and Ann Luzeckyj

A First Year Undergraduate Teaching Blog and a ScoopIt page called Supporting first year undergraduate students to succeed at Flinders University have been created for busy staff who wish to keep up with developments and trends. Signing up to these resources will help staff keep abreast of events, research and new developments in first year undergraduate teaching.

A twice yearly fora provides an opportunity to hear local and national experts on teaching first year students and to discuss items of interest or concern.

A video from the First Year Student and Staff Expectations and Experiences Project has been produced exploring student expectations and experiences of university.


 Staff responsible for First Year Teaching