Designed to develop leadership capacity, the nationally distinctive Flinders University Leadership Program fosters academic and professional staff who have been identified as potential leaders.

With a structured balance of theory, group exercises and practical application, one of the highlights of the course is participants putting their learning in action through a real-life leadership project associated with their work at the University.

The Program has won acclaim from participants for creating greater understanding of the talented people across the breadth of the University and forging connections that transcend the boundaries of different disciplines and contribute to greater collaboration.

“Usually in our day to day work lives, we are all so busy that we don’t allocate time to reflect on what we do and what could be done better. FULP was a way to designate that time and share ideas and strategies with other like-minded people.

 I learnt a lot about myself, leadership, and the importance of making connections that will probably last throughout my career at Flinders and beyond throughout this course. At times juggling FULP with other work and life commitments was challenging but so rewarding in the end”

- Ashleigh Merriel, RHD coordinator, MNHS

Testimonials and project presentations from the 2016 participants give an insight into the Program’s strengths.


Who is it for?

The Flinders University Leadership Program is specially designed for both academic and general staff who are new to leadership or have been identified as potential leaders by their respective Cost Centre Heads.

Program Structure

The program comprises the following elements:

  1. Understanding University Leadership

    The 3 day residential intensive workshop focuses on what constitutes leadership in a university in the current climate, particularly at Flinders University, and applying this to individual participant’s personal situations.

  2. Strategies for Leading People and Effective Planning

    This series of workshops occurs over 4 full days within the year-long Program.  The content of the series is developed in consultation with each cohort to address particular needs.

  3. Leading and Managing Flinders Strategic Areas

    These forums offer an opportunity to engage with the senior executive of Flinders University about issues relevant to participants’ needs and will be conducted over 5 lunch time sessions.

  4. Exploration of Literature

    In groups of three, participants will explore and identify an article of interest within their  chosen theme about leadership and guide a discussion with fellow participants of the Program based on the central idea(s) of the chosen article.

  5. Personal Learning Project

    Each participant will identify a leadership project to conduct in their work unit or School, which will give them an opportunity to apply and reflect on their learning from the Program.  This project needs to be approved by the Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning & Teaching Innovation) and the relevant Colleges.

Summary of Reviews

The Program overall has been well received by the participants since its implementation and more than 80% of the past participants within each cohort have completed all requirements. 

Individual aspects of the Program have also been well received and are reported to

  • build collegiality within the group
  • promote self-reflective practices in a diverse collegial space
  • provide a personal and professional space for individual leadership capacity development in both theoretical understanding and practical applications of leadership and management within the higher education context
  • promote better understanding of senior management's challenges, goals and practices through the open discussions and sharing of their own personal leadership perspectives and experiences,
  • broadens awareness of contemporary issues on leadership and management, and
  • promotes engagement with leadership in their own work areas

Aspects of the program

  • Residential Workshop - 3 days: Understanding University Leadership
  • 4 x Full-Day Off-Campus Seminars: Strategies for Leading People and Effective Planning
  • 5 x 2-Hour Lunch Sessions with Flinders' Senior Executives: Leading and Managing Flinders Strategic Areas
  • Group Work and Presentation: Exploration of Extant Literature
  • Individual Project Work and Presentation: Personal Learning Project on Leadership
  • Potential Pathways to Formal Qualifications in Leadership and Management




FULP booklet

Download the Flinders Leadership Program booklet (DOC 115KB)