Flinders University's Open Classroom Scheme


What is the Open Classroom Scheme?

The Open Classroom Scheme invites colleagues to share in teaching practices through observation and discussion. Each semester a number of classrooms will be ‘opened’ and Flinders staff invited to observe the class activity. At the conclusion of the class, or at a nominated date for asynchronous learning sites, including FLO, guests will have an opportunity to discuss their observations with the ‘Open Classroom’ teacher.

The Open Classroom Scheme aims to:

  • recognise the diversity of teaching styles utilised across the University.
  • promote discussion on teaching and student learning outcomes.
  • showcase a variety of teaching styles, practices and classroom spaces.
  • provide staff with an opportunity to observe teaching in a classroom other than their own.

Will the Open Classroom Scheme showcase a variety of ‘classroom’ teaching styles?

Yes. The Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching is actively encouraging teachers in a variety of face-to-face and online teaching styles to participate in the scheme.

Further information

The Open Classroom Programme provides descriptions of each Open Class including dates, times and registration details. The 2016 Programme will be released in early February. Please note that the number of available ‘guest’ spaces in each Open Classroom will be determined by the Open Classroom teacher.

Meet the 2016 Open Classroom Teachers.



Will guests be able to participate as a ‘student’ in the Open Classroom?

Open Classroom teachers will determine the level of guest participation. Further details are provided on a classroom by classroom basis in the Open Classroom Programme.

How do I register my interest as a guest in the Open Classroom Scheme?

Identify the Open Classroom or Classrooms that you wish to observe from the Open Classroom Programme.  Each programmed Open Classroom has a registration link. Follow this link to the Registration Form, select the classrooms that you wish to attend and then press submit. You will receive an email confirming your registration inclusion on a waiting or registration of interest list for your nominated Classroom.



  • Do you have innovative teaching practices?
  • Do your classes inspire students to engage in discussion (or online activities) and go that little bit further with their study?
  • Do you consistently develop relationships with your students that recognise individual strengths and encourage academic and personal growth?
  • Have colleagues sought advice on how to implement one of your teaching practices in their own class?
  • Have you received a teaching award from your Faculty, the University, a professional organisation or national body?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions then the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching asks you to consider participating as a teacher in the Open Classroom Scheme.

What type of classrooms can be showcased in the Open Classroom Scheme?

We are interested in showcasing good teaching practices of any type, style and size. Including teaching delivered in a face-to-face, distance or online delivery mode, to small or large student cohorts, locally and internationally.

What feedback will I receive from guests?

Open Classroom teachers are asked to allow time at the end of each class to meet and discuss their classroom with guests.

Will my participation as a teacher in the Open Classroom Scheme be formally recognised?

In addition to the feedback provided by guests your details will be included on the Open Classroom Scheme’s web pages. Open Classroom teachers will be formally acknowledged at the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching’s Celebration of Teaching.

How do I register my interest in opening my class, on-line topic or activity?

Contact Helen Stephenson, Project Manager: Teaching and Learning in the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching. T: 8201 3828 or E: helen.stephenson@flinders.edu.au or register your interest here.



Find out more about the Open Classroom Scheme, please contact:

Helen Stephenson , Project Manager: Teaching and Learning in the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching.

T: 8201 3828