At Flinders University Offshore Teaching refers to the design and delivery of ongoing face-to-face and online academic programs for audiences overseas. These programs meet the needs of international students who are either unable or prefer not to come to Australia for study purposes. Flinders University staff meet the needs of these students by travelling abroad to deliver programs. They also do so by using information communication technologies.

Offshore Teaching is an important area of focus for Flinders University which offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various locations overseas. Delivering programs offshore reflects the Flinders University vision which states we are "a leading international university distinguished by our boldness, vigour and imagination". These programs help to promote our seventh Graduate Quality which states that we are committed to producing graduates who are able to "connect across boundaries" and "engage positively with people and ideas beyond the limits of their own geographical, disciplinary, social, cultural or other boundaries, and to span the boundary between the world of study and the world of work." Our Offshore Teaching programs also help to expand our international profile and provide an environment where we can work closely with our international partners to engage in a mutually rewarding academic environment.

In order to develop a mutually rewarding academic environment, staff who are involved in offshore teaching need to be provided with both the resources and information to help them succeed. Staff require:

These Web pages are designed to support staff who wish to develop their cognisance in these areas.