The Centre for University Teaching Team provides a range of support for research supervision as an aspect of teaching.  Support is offered in the following areas:

Supervising postgraduate research at all levels (from Honours to PhD) is an important connection between the teaching and research aspects of an academic career. In order to successfully supervise a student it is important to have expertise in the process of supervision, a sound knowledge of the student's field of research and a willingness to learn and develop alongside the candidate and others involved in the supervisory process (Denholm & Evans 2007).  

Staff new to supervising Postgraduate Research Degree Students at Flinders are required to participate in the Postgraduate Research Supervision Program. The program is provided jointly by the Centre for University Teaching (CUT) and the Office of Graduate Research.

CUT and the Office of Graduate Research also provide a program of seminars and workshops for experienced supervisors.

The Office of Graduate Research provides a central contact point that supports Flinders University's mission to provide high-quality postgraduate education and to ensure consistent research training across the university. Their web pages contain up-to-date information for current and potential supervisors and students and links to related policy, services and sources of information. The Office of Graduate Research maintains the Register of Research Higher Degree Supervisors which contains details of all staff who satisfy requirements deemed by the University to be essential in order to assume primary research higher degree supervision responsibility.

Key References/resources
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The Cross Cultural Supervision Project, funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council and lead by Macquarie University, produced a range of resources to assist supervisors and departments. The resources can be accessed through the project website:  

The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research is a guide for responsible research conduct in Australia, providing a basic reference for the development of appropriate policies and procedures. It is written specifically for universities and other public sector research institutions. All research, including research by students, undertaken in the University must comply with the requirements of the Code. The Code can be accessed at