Effective supervision is a key element in the learning experience for research higher degree candidates.

The postgraduate Research Supervision program is compulsory for staff members new to supervising Postgraduate Research Degree Students at Flinders. The program comprises two core workshops and the choice of two electives:

The program covers the complex environment in which supervision occurs, Flinders University policy and processes regarding research supervision and good practice when supervising students. Supervisors are required to provide intellectual support, procedural guidance and broader pastoral support. To ensure all of these aspects are met the following practices for supervising higher degree by research students are recommended within the program.

1.   Get to know the student
2.   Gain a mutual understanding of each others roles and responsibilities
3.   Plan and structure supervision sessions
4.   Develop strategies to help students get started
5.   Use available resources
6.   Enable a scholarly research community
7.   Provide effective feedback
8.   Facilitate the writing process
9.   Enable students to reach a conclusion
10. Review & evaluate your practice

All exemptions from the mandatory programs will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and will be approved in accordance to the University's Mandatory Induction Guidelines

Lunchtime Workshop Series

This workshop series is offered by the Office of Graduate Research for research higher degrees supervisors. These one hour sessions give RHD supervisors an opportunity to learn about current RHD issues, impacts of legislation and policy and best practice approaches to supervision and RHD student administration. We are also pleased to announce that Supervisors who attend three of these one-hour workshops will meet their professional development requirement to retain their place on the Register of RHD Supervisors.

For details of individual workshops or to enrol go to  iEnrol

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