Increasingly topic coordinators are called upon to co-teach with a group of casually employed tutors and demonstrators in order to ensure that students get adequate interaction in their classes. These tutors, or sessionally employed teachers, are often teaching for the first time and need guidance to learn appropriate teaching strategies and to clarify their understanding of the topic's core learning intentions.

The University's expectations in relation to sessionally employed teaching staff are that they will:

(a) have access to appropriate professional development opportunities; and
(b) be paid for attending any specific professional development sessions.

Programmed workshops specifically designed for sessional staff are:

The Centre for University Teaching Team can also develop and run customised programs in consultation with you.

Workshops cover:

  • managing the learning and teaching environment;
  • working with first year students;
  • working with diverse student populations;
  • providing feedback to students;
  • assessing student learning.

The current courses provides a full list of all of the sessions that are on offer on a monthly basis. Each session links to an information page and enrolment form.

Booklets are available for distribution to sessionally employed staff. They provide information about learning and teaching issues and the Flinders University environment and complements the Support for Sessional teachers web pages.

The guidelines on managing and supervising sessionally staff cover:

Two large scale national studies into the work of Sessionally employed teaching staff have been conducted in Australia. The RED report  explores the recognition, enhancement and development of sessional teaching in higher education. A RED resource which includes five good practice case studies was also produced.

The RED work built on Training, Support and Management of Sessional Teaching Staff.