The goals of the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching are to:

The Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching achieves these goals through the provision of:

  • University-wide and faculty-based projects to improve learning and teaching;
  • Support for publishing in learning and teaching;
  • Support for those wishing to apply for internal and external awards and grants
  • Professional development activities including:
    • Flinders Foundation of University Teaching
    • Graduate Certificate of Education (Higher Education)
    • Workshops addressing institutional priorities
    • Support for curriculum design and development
    • Support for Sessional Staff
  • Accessible information about learning and teaching in the institution including guidelines and resources
  • The Flinders University Leadership Program
  • Faculty based projects
  • Support for the development of Work-Integrated Learning
  • Action learning projects
  • The development of networks across the university to support the development of institutional priorities such as the Pathways to Excellence Project, Work-Integrated Learning, and First Year Curriculum