Writing a philosophical statement of your approach to teaching

Tips about what is expected to be submitted

  • About 1000 words in length.
  • Written in the first person.
  • Should be a living document as your views will change over time and this document should be updated periodically to reflect development of ideas and beliefs.
  • The style should be appropriate for inclusion in a performance review document.
  • Should contain references that support your beliefs.

Tips about what to include

  • Work in belief statements that have an impact on your teaching or guide your teaching.
  • Write brief paragraphs that state your beliefs and then expand and elaborate.
  • Provide support for your belief by referring to the experiences that shaped your beliefs and the literature that supports or influenced your beliefs

Think about these questions while you are developing the statement

  • In what sites of learning does your teaching operate?
  • How does the site impact on your teaching and your students learning?
  • What do you consider crucial that students learn from your teaching?
  • Why do you believe these things? What has influenced your practice?

Examples of Personal Teaching Statements

Thanks to Carl Mooney for being willing to share his experience of developing a personal learning statement. These models are intended to act as guides for what might be included. As the statement is a personal one, you might find that your end result might look very different.

Examples of personal teaching statements V2 (DOC 21KB)

This was the original submitted by Carl to Jan Orrell

Examples of personal teaching statements V2 (DOC 23KB)

This is the version edited by Jan. The highlighted text are comments made by Jan as to methods of ensuring the personal nature of the statement

Examples of personal teaching statements V3 (DOC 23KB)

The final submission.