Topic Coordinator's ePlanner Trial


  • At Flinders, a Topic Coordinator is defined as the academic staff member responsible for a topic. Students are told to direct any topic related queries to their topic coordinator.
  • Topic Coordinator means the academic staff member who is either solely responsible for the assessment in a topic if he or she is the only person involved in teaching or who is responsible for the coordination of assessment in the topic if more than one staff member is involved in teaching.

Role statement

Typically, Topic Coordinators manage the topic(s) for which they are responsible and are responsible for ensuring learning outcomes are articulated and met and are accountable to the Course Coordinator for the conduct of their topic(s).


The following list describes typically Topic Coordinators responsibilities linked to a series of resources that will support Topic Coordinators achieve these responsibilities

Teaching Team Responsibilities:

  • Supervise sessionally employed teachers;
  • Ensure the flow of up- to- date information to Course Coordinator, between topics and among topic teaching team;
  • Hold regular team meetings, if applicable and attend regular Topic Coordinator meetings called by the Course Coordinator;
  • Suggest areas for staff development to the Course Coordinator;
  • Liaise with offshore teaching teams

Responsibilities to Students:

  • Ensure that materials are complete and accurate and available for students/staff before teaching semester begins;
  • Ensure that a minimum presence of topic information is up to date and accurate on the Topic FLO web site
  • Ensure that there is a flow of up to date information to students;
  • Monitor student progress (through members of the teaching team);
  • Ensure that students who require additional assistance are identified and monitored;
  • Approve extensions for assignments;
  • Ensure efficient management of student related issues in collaboration with the Course Coordinator
  • Make time available for giving advice to and for supervising individual students
  • Prompt return of assessment and provide timely feedback to students on assessment assignments
  • provide appropriate guidance, support and feedback to assist students to become familiar with the normal academic conventions relevant to their discipline
  • Make adequate accommodations for students with disabilities

Quality Assurance Responsibilities: