In individual marking, the students work as a group but each student is then assessed on an item of work that they produce by themselves. However, that item should be structured in such a way that they still need the groupwork process in order to complete it well.

Individual Mark - Allocated task
Each student completes an allocated task that contributes to the final group product and gets the marks for that task. For example, each student prepares one chapter of a final large report and receives the mark for that chapter. One of the assessment criteria would need to be that the chapter worked in context with the other chapters.

Individual Mark - Individual report
Each student prepares an individual report/presentation based on the group's work. This could be a report on:

  • the group product
  • the group process

Individual Mark - Examination
Exam questions specifically target the group projects, and can only be answered by students who have been thoroughly involved in the project

Individual mark - Portfolio
The student prepares a record of achievements against a list of set criteria. They also need to attach evidence to these criteria and reflect on their personal development. If your course is using FlindersPLuS, this could be done using a Profile tool.

Assessing groupwork by the University of Melbourne

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