The assessment requirements for a topic must be fully described for students in a Statement of Assessment Methods (SAM) using the standard format.  A SAM is a negotiated contract between teachers and students. The information contained in the SAM outlines topic learning outcomes, expected student workload, assessment procedures, attendance requirements, reading requirements, laboratory involvement and other requirements of the student. SAMs have to be made available to students no later than the first week of the semester.

SAMs are negotiated contracts and should be discussed at the first tutorial. Results of the discussion should be fed back to the convener/supervisor as students may request a variation to the assessment methods to be used in the topic. All variations should be negotiated with the Topic Coordinator. If at least one third of the students enrolled in the topic seek a variation, and if this variation is refused by the Topic Coordinator, the students may appeal to the Faculty Board against the refusal.

The University's assessment policy and procedures Section 7.3 precisely describes the required content of SAMs and the process for negotiating changes to the SAM if requested by at least on third of students enrolled in the topic.