Links to Assessment Websites

Assessing Learning in Australian Universities website is hosted by Melbourne University. It contains several resources produced from a significant project on assessment.

A booklet summarising the resources produced from the project can be found at

Assessment futures is a site hosted by the University of Technology Sydney containing recent work on assessment for future learning

The University of Queensland's TEDI site contains substantial information on aspects of assessment. While some is specific to the context of UQ, others such as several ‘quickbite' briefings contain information that is generally useful. The resources are available at

Some particularly useful resources on the site are:

The Higher Education Academy in the UK has a very extensive website of resources on a wide range of aspects of learning and teaching including pages focusing specifically on assessment. The assessment front page is located at:

The website also includes links to a series of guides and briefings on assessment in general and particular aspects of assessment (e.g. assessing portfolios, assessment in large classes). They can be accessed at

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