Internationalisation of the Curriculum


Who are our students and where will their futures take them? Approximately a quarter of all Australians were born in another country so Australian students come from culturally diverse backgrounds. Flinders actively recruits International students so the student population is multinational. When both Australian and International students graduate, they will join the globalised workforce and are likely to work in multinational teams in varied locations; while graduates remaining in Australia will operate in a multicultural setting. Therefore, to adequately recognise the diverse nature of the student population and to prepare them for their international and multicultural graduate destinations, our curricula need to be internationalised.

An internationalised curriculum is "a curriculum with an international orientation in content and/or form, aimed at preparing students for performing (professionally/socially) in an international and multicultural context and designed for domestic and/or foreign [international] students."
Definition adapted from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1996 by Crowther, P., Joris, M., Otten, M., Nilsson, B., Teekens, H., & Wächter, B. (2000). Internationalisation at Home. A Position Paper.

To learn more about what this definition means in practice, and how you can internationalise your curriculum in just 4 steps, please watch this 5 minute video

Internationalising the curriculum addresses the Flinders Graduate Quality ‘Connect Across Boundaries'. 








Learning Without Borders transnational education program.  Transnational education refers to any teaching or learning activity in which the students are in a different country from that in which the main institution providing the education is based.

Bringing the learning home: re-entry programs to enhance study abroad outcomes in Australian universities

Finding Common Ground: enhancing interaction between domestic and international students

A typology for internationalising the curriculum


The following areas within Flinders can help you to internationalise your curriculum.

The international and student mobility team can help with study abroad and student exchange.

The Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practice Toolkit assists staff in incorporating good practice into their teaching materials and objectives, which in turn produces more culturally competent and culturally ready students who encompass the graduate quality of connecting across boundaries.

Support for Offshore Teachers

The International Centre is responsible for the management of the university's international program and the admission of international students.

The International Student Services (ISS) is the first point of contact for international students and offers a range of programs supporting their enrolment, study and social life, as well as a referral service to facilities on campus and within the local community.

Please contact the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching for further information about internationalising the curriculum.