About This Demo

This demo serves to introduce interested teachers and practicum supervisors to the program, and to offer the opportunity to acquire the program for use in your own teaching.

This demo provides:

Quality pre-practicum preparation provides the foundation for positive practicum learning experiences.

This online program aims to provide teachers and practicum supervisors the means to ensure students are prepared for their placement. Students need preparation in

  • work-based skills
  • specific workplace skills
  • legal and statutory responsibilities
  • personal wellbeing and safety
  • safe workplace practices
  • work literacy

The program takes the form of 5 modules. Information and activities have been grouped under the topics:

  1. Getting to know more about organisations.
  2. Preparing to go (on the placement).
  3. Negotiating workplace cultures.
  4. Learning in workplace contexts.
  5. Surviving the placement.

Special Features of the Program

  • Modules can be used in any order, or mix and match them according to discipline or professional needs.
  • Modules can be altered to include specific discipline, institutional or professional information
  • Students are able to build a portfolio that includes:
    • an investigation of the host organisation
    • an up-to-date CV
    • a set of established learning goals
    • information on workplace etiquette
    • a reflection on personal strengths and weaknesses
    • identified occupational health and safety issues
    • identified legal and ethical issues
  • The Online Program is available, on a cost recovery basis, to Australian institutions, as either:
    • Full Blackboard Vista 4 Practicum Online materials
    • HTML and images used in Practicum Online CD

We’ll leave you now to click your way through it.

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