Please be aware that Event Management for all events on Campus is the responsibility of the relevant event organiser. Events are intended to be gatherings of people at functions that are not normally day-to-day operations of the University and are usually of a ‘one-off’ nature. Events also usually require some modification of the venue, for example by setting up equipment and furniture and/or performing more than a minor layout change of the venue.

In view of the above it is recommended that event organisers do not advertise events that they are seeking to host on Campus until the University’s approval has been confirmed.

Bedford Park Campus: Courtyard Bookings/Open Space Bookings

Staff booking events

Prior to forwarding the request to, event organisers should consider the impact of the event on teaching in and around the area to be booked. 

Each event organiser will need to;

  • Liaise with faculty/school managers responsible for areas adjacent to that space seeking confirmation that the event will not have a significant impact on teaching 
  • Clearly identify the specific area of the courtyard to be booked; for example, “The western half of Social Sciences South courtyard”, or “Under the east wing overhang of the Humanities courtyard”

Where no further information is required for exempt activities, Web Room Bookings will book the venue.

If an event safety checklist is required, and/or other University teams (such as Property, Facilities & Development which includes Security and Campus Services) require information from the event organiser, the following will occur:

  • The venue will be booked as tentative
  • The event organiser must complete an event safety checklist and forward this information to the WHS Unit and Security
  • Only when the checklist has been confirmed as checked by the WHS Unit (and other University teams have no objections) will the event be changed from tentative status to “Booked”
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the event organiser by event bookings

Depending on the event format, the event organiser should submit one of the forms found on the Work Health and Safety web site (see:

Students and Student Groups booking events

  • Students, clubs, societies and associations are required to complete the FUSA activity registration form.
  • Definitions of an event/activity, meeting or stall are available on this form.

Non-Bedford Park Event Bookings

To book an event at either Flinders at Tonsley or Flinders at Victoria Square, event organisers should direct their request to the appropriate email address:

The new Plaza and Student Hub

The Plaza and Student Hub is now available for bookings with flexible learning spaces, meeting rooms, lounges and study booths along with spaces available for hire.

Alere Function Centre, Cafe AlereThe Studio, The Plaza & The Terrace

Technology and spaces in the Hub

Student study spaces

Central Library

Other Locations

Flinders One Sport and Fitness

Sturt Library

Matthew Flinders Theatre

Exceptions to events (do not require an event safety checklist)

  • Tutorial
  • Internal seminar
  • Training session
  • Running an information stall or handing out pamphlets
  • Running a bake sale or activity requiring minimal furniture and equipment (i.e. one table and a marquee)
  • Luncheons or meals that do not require modification to a venue (i.e. staff lunches, farewells, staff meetings, etc.).  Modification includes use of a mobile BBQ and/or bringing in extra equipment and furniture such as multiple tables and chairs
  • Activities that do not involve the use of contractors (with the exception of caterers or other contractors providing a delivery only service)