2018 Staff Unavailability

Guidelines for Staff



1.Full-time Staff

As a full-time staff member, you are only required to fill out this form if there are specific weeks, days or times that you are unavailable during your normal teaching period/s. (See Point 3 below for unavailability reasons)

The standard university teaching times are between the hours of 8am-6pm Monday to Friday. This form will be used to request or confirm when you are not available during those times for teaching. All unavailability requires approval from the College Dean - People and Resources.


2.Part-time Staff

All Part-time staff are required to fill out this form. If you have no preference to which days/times you are unavailable, simply state this in the 'Other' box with the reason for unavailability.


3.You should use this form if you are requesting unavailability for the following:

- LSL has been requested and/or approved via Employee Self Service (ESS)

- Parental Leave has been requested and/or approved

- Extended Annual Leave has been requested and/or approved via ESS (over and above the standard 20 days per annum)

- You require a specific research day/time, based on employment fraction, due to limited access to equipment/materials

- To record your specific unavailability based on your employment fraction


4.DO NOT use this form to tell us :

 - Resource Breaks *( Lunch)

 - Travel Time between Campuses*

 - Research Day* ( unless it has to be a specific day due to a valid reason)

 - Meeting Times ( College or University)

- Casual Tutors unavailability

- OSP ( Please let your college timetabler know who will be taking over your teaching for the semester)

 *Syllabus Plus is configured to provide these breaks and time constraints for all teaching staff.


5.What happens with the information collected

The Dean  (People & Resources) will send the approved forms to Timetabling Services for data entry into the timetabling system. The information will aid the system to schedule activities (lectures, tutorials, etc) at times when you are available to teach.

Once all staff unavailabilities are entered for each College, a collated report will be sent to the Dean for information.


Information for the Dean (People & Resources)- HR Advice - Staff Unavailability (PDF 101KB)

 1. By Signing/submitting this form you are granting permission for the requested unavailability to be recorded into the timetabling system.

 2. When the data has been entered for the college, a report will be sent for information purposes. The report will provide you a full picture of staff unavailability for your college in a single report.

 3. The Timetabling Services team will use the information gathered on this form to create the staff members profile and availability in the timetabling system.

  • Staff Details

  • Approval Details

  • Semester Unavailability

  • Semester 1 : Weeks 9-24 ( Feb 19th-June 10th) 
  • S1: Please select the weeks affected by unavailability

  • S1: Please select the day/s you are unavailable ( Time selections will then appear for each day)

  • Semester 2: Weeks 31-44 (July 23rd - October 28th) 
  • S2: Please select the weeks affected by unavailability

  • S2: Please select the day/s you are unavailable ( Time selections will then appear for each day)

  • Form Submission 
  • When this form is submitted, it will be emailed to the 'person to approve request' email address. 

    If the change is approved, the Dean-People & Resources (or nominee) should reply to the email with a short approval note,  to timetabling.services@flinders.edu.au for action.

    The email to Timetabling Services must come from the  Approver's email address, and should also include the request.

    If you have any questions in relation to this form, please call Timetabling Services on 7221 8330

  • Should be Empty:

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