2018 Teaching Week Pattern Change ( pre-registration)

This form is to only be used before class registration opens or if weeks are being removed.

Before Class Registration Opens:

If you are adding or changing the weeks, it would be appreciated if staff could check that the room the class is scheduled in is still free, or at least a suitable room for it to go in.

After Class Registration Opens (Approx Late November onwards):

This form is only to be used for removing weeks from the teaching week pattern, or minor changes ( adding 1 week for example)

For a change that adds weeks and may affect students, please use the form that requires approval.

  • This form can be used pre-enrolment ( starting from 20th November 2017) if you are only making a minor change to the Teaching Week Pattern and will be likley to have a minimal impact to students. IE. Removing a week or two; or adding a single week. It can also be used at any time if there are no students enrolled in the topic.

    Major changes to Teaching Week Patterns that significantly alter the students' approved contact time over the semester, may need approval from the relevant Teaching & Learning Committee before the change is requested.

  • Should be Empty:

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