Change of Day/Time of a class - Pre student registration

This form can be used to request a day or time change for an individual class.

The form is only to be used before Class Registration opens, or of there are no enrolments in topic, or class registrations in the class.

Day and time changes have an impact to students once they have chosen and registered in a class, a new form will be provided at a later date that will require College Dean (Education) Approval.

It is highly recommended that the College checks for clashes before requesting a change


  • Staff Clash 
  • Core/Option Topic Clash 
  • Please note that we may not be able to accommodate these requests due to number of factors, these may include: Staff clashes, no location available that meets the suitabilities on the class, topic clashes. Timetabling Services will inform you if we are unable to process your request and why. 

    In some cases staff clashes will not be identified due to a number of classes in various topics not having a staff member attributed, it is expected that the day/time change has been requested with staff clashes being considered by the college.

  • Submission 
  • Should be Empty:

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