Post Enrolment: Teaching Week Pattern change

This form is to be used when changing a teaching week pattern after class registration has opened and the change will affect currently enrolled/registered students. This request requires approval from your College Dean (or nominee).

If you are simply removing weeks from the TWP, then you can use the other form that does not require approval.

  • Approval Details

  • Teaching Week Pattern Change Details

  • Please indicate the impact to students

  • Before submitting this request, please contact Timetabling Services to check the amount of clashes it will cause for registered students, as these details should be included in your impact to students statement, which needs to be sighted and approved by the Dean(or Nominee)

  • When this form is submitted, it will be emailed to the 'person to approve request' email address. 

    If the change is approved, the Dean (or Nominee) should reply to the email with a short approval note,  to for action.

    The email to Timetabling Services must come from the Dean's ( or Nominee's) Email address.

  • Should be Empty:

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