Special Requirements Form

A number of topics may have special timetabling requirements for 2018, that you did not request in 2017, or are for new classes.

Please start using this form from the 30th June to submit details for new classes or new requests on existing classes.

In some cases the Timetabling Services team will need additional information and will contact the school timetable coordinator and/or the Topic Coordinator.

  • Special Requirements Form - 2018 Timetable

  • Details of Special Requirements

  • 1. Breakout Room/s 
  • 2. Streams 
  • 3. Joint Activity 
  • Only fill this section in if you are managing the lead topic. Please ensure you have informed the other School of this request. You should ensure that you have generated enough classes in the parent topic to accommodate the predicted student numbers. Please ensure the teaching weeks are matching. If you are unsure or need assistance, please contact Timetabling Services.

  • 4. Sequencing 
  • Sequencing is where you are asking for a minimum/maximum gap between certain activities. If you want the activity the following day as a minmum and maximum, please choose on both the minimum and maximum sequence. Please remember that sequencing will affect scheduling, and it may not be possible to guarantee your sequencing request. Your sequencing request must have a valid reason IE. The experiment takes 2 days to develop.

  • 5. Set Day/Time Required 
  • Religous Reasons: Please note that Timetabling Services will only apply this to the applicable number of classes, based on the estimate of affected students

  • 6. Variants 
  • 7. Multiple Days in a Week 
  • After you have chosen the correct week/s in the TDC, you can fill in this section. If the days are to be different in each week the activity is offered, please specify in the free text area.

  • 8. Required Location 
  • 9. Other 
  • If you have a different change where you are unable to use this form or enter the data directly into the Timetable Data Collector, please contact timetabling.services@flinders.edu.au for further advice.

  • Form Submission 
  • Should be Empty:

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