Below are the principles and policies (endorsed by the Vice Chancellor's Committee) around timetabling at Flinders University, and the responsibilities for Timetable Support Staff.

A Policy and Approvals Translation Guide provides guidance for the interpretation of policies, forms and approval requirements following the commencement of College operations on 1 July (e.g. where a policy refers to “Faculty” or “School”, read “College”).

Timetable Principles

Timetabling Principles' purpose is to achieve coordinated and consistent timetabling practices across Flinders University campuses in facilitating the timely production of a single optimised University timetable.

Room Booking Principles

Room Booking Principles purpose is to provide guidance on the appropriate use of University facilities, to enable the distributed management of facilities and to support the effective and efficient use of associated University resources.

Timetable Process

Timetable Process information.

Timetable Support Staff

Timetable Support Staff are responsible for a number of functions related to the timetable.

School Common Hour

School Common Hour process allows Schools to request Timetabling Services to identify a suitable common hour after the draft timetable is released.

Request to teach at other location

In order to request to teach at another location (i.e. Daw Park, Tonsley, Victoria Square etc.), the College is required to submit a request in writing to Manager, Resources Scheduling Services which would include the reasons why they want to teach at the campus and the details of the proposed topics (Note: location of the teaching staff office cannot be used as the main justification to move topics). It should include the benefits to the students to go to the new campus.

The request is evaluated by Resources Scheduling Services who will then submit a recommendation to the DVC (S) for approval (including consideration to both timetable and resources).

Once a decision has been made, Resources Scheduling Services will advise the College of the outcome.