Non-teaching bookings

Below is the process for staff to book rooms or spaces for purposes that are not directly related to the teaching of topics, eg staff meetings, conferences, events etc, and are not required to display on the student timetable.

It is anticipated the Web Room Booking system will be open for non-teaching bookings in 2019 on Monday 10th December.

For access off campus a Flinders VPN (Virtual Private Network) is required.

How to make a non-teaching room booking

Non-teaching bookings can be made in one of three ways.

Firstly, check the  Room Booking List (PDF 241KB) to see which system to use for rooms and whether they are managed by a department or open to all staff to book. If they are managed by a department, contact that department directly for them to make the booking. If there is no department listed for that room, use the booking system, Web Room Booking (WRB) or Outlook below (as listed in the spreadsheet).

1. For bookings in teaching rooms - Web Room Booking System

Non-teaching bookings in most rooms and spaces that are used for teaching purposes are made via a new ‘Web Room Booking’ system. This system will be available to staff only (logging in with their FAN) once the annual timetable has been finalised in November each year and is only open for bookings for one year until the next year's timetable is finalised.

Log in to the Web Room Booking system*
*note: if when you log in you do not see a box with WR for the Web Room Booking then please click on the tab that says 2018Prod.

Web Room Booking Tutorial

View the video tutorial (MP4) if you can't see the video above.

The Room Booking Principles provides information on booking rooms for non-teaching activities and related policies.

For further information please contact Flinders Room Bookings

Phone (08) 7221 8333 (internal ext: 18333)

2. For bookings in non-teaching spaces - Microsoft Outlook

Bookings for rooms that are designated as ‘non-teaching spaces’ eg meeting rooms, will be made via Microsoft Outlook, as many rooms currently are.

To book a room in Outlook you need to invite the room when scheduling a meeting. Rooms display in the Flinders Global Address List and are prefixed with 'Room'.

To invite a room to the meeting, select the room and click on the Resources button. This will select the required room and it will default in the To and Location fields on the meeting request.


Add attendees (either Required or Optional) as per usual.

Check Room and attendee availability with the Scheduling button.

Fill in the rest of the meeting's details and select Send.

See the How to book a room in Outlook (PDF 132KB) notes for further information.