Room information

The room naming convention in the timetabling system includes the following information:

Location_Building_Room number_Room name_Capacity

for example:

TON_T1_1.14_Teaching Space_30

U_BIOL_208_Teaching Lab_16

Availability Locations

ACD Adelaide College of Divinity MTB Mount Barker
ADL Adelaide CBD - includes Victoria Square MTG Mount Gambier
AS Alice Springs NRL Noarlunga
AU University of Adelaide PAN Panorama
BA Barossa PFA Parafield Airport
CB Christies Beach PL Port Lincoln
DA Darwin RP Regency Park
DP Daw Park - Repatriation General Hospital includes Repat, Health Sciences and ViTA RV Riverland
GGT Greater Green Triangle SA University  of South Australia
HMF Hills Mallee Fleurieu TON Tonsley
KA Katherine U Bedford Park - includes the main campus, Flinders Medical Centre, Margaret Tobin Centre and Sturt
MB Murray Bridge UR Urrbrae

Room Suitabilities

The Location List identifies location, room attributes and capacity.

You can access Report Manager from the following link

Report Manager

This list is for information purposes for all staff, however some of the locations are specialty spaces that will not be available for all areas to use as a teaching or non-teaching space. These can normally be identified by the department not being 'University'.

If you believe there to be an error with capacity or suitabilities, please email

Instructions on how to run report

Login via the link above using your FAN and password.

Select Report Manager (RM)

Select tab Timetable Reports

Select Location list

Select the Zone, e.g. Bedford Park-Upper Campus will cover all locations on the North and South ridge, but not FMC or Sturt

Select Run Report (you will then get an option to Open or Save LocationListReport.xls)

The report will show

  • The name of the room: Location_Building_Room Number_Room Name
  • The approved capacity
  • The Department that can book the room via the Web Room Booking system (WRB). If it is University, then any staff member can book it whilst the WRB is open.
  • Suitabilities, i.e if a space has Lecture Capture, loose seating, whiteboard etc