Timetable Advisory Group

The Timetable Advisory Group is made up of the following:

DVC (Academic) - Chair Professor Andrew Parkin 
Associate Director,
Infrastructure Strategy & Planning
Dr Shane Jennings
Director of Student Administration Annika Danielsson
Associate Director, Application Services Nicole Fishers
Head, Student Learning Centre  
Faculty Executive Dean member Professor Phyllis Tharenou (Faculty of  Social and Behavioural Sciences)
Faculty General Manager member Simon MacDonald (Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law)
School Dean Professor John Roddick (Faculty of Science & Engineering)
School Manager member Taicea Agnew (Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences)
Manager, Timetabling Services Cheryl Edwards
Tracy Nicholls - in attendance Executive Officer




Terms of Reference

  • Issues arising from the previous timetabling process and future directions for timetabling at the University
  • New University requirements that impact the timetabling process and outcomes
  • Outgoing management of the timetabling process
  • Policy changes that may be required to accommodate changes in  University requirements (legislative/procedural/systems).