The Institute incorporates a stream of work in the field of disaster and emergency nursing. The Emergency Nurse Preparedness Kit has been developed for emergency nurses to facilitate their disaster preparedness. The Kit includes a checklist, wallet card and information and results from a 2011 study titled Understanding the Willingness of Australian Emergency Nurses to Respond to a Disaster.

The study addressed the following questions:

  1. To what extent are Australian emergency nurses prepared and willing to respond to a disaster?
  2.  How prepared are Australian emergency nurses to respond in a disaster in terms of the amount of education received, their knowledge of disaster responses and professional and home responsibilities?
  3. How willing are Australian emergency nurses to respond to a disaster in terms of their professional and personal responsibilities?

The kit provides a user-friendly and practical tool for emergency nurses.

Download the Emergency Nurse Preparedness Kit below:

Checklist guide (PDF 406KB)

Checklist (PDF 398KB)

Home emergency preparedness (PDF 284KB)

Wallet purse card (PDF 244KB)